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One of the convenient things about the MLS is that once you upload your listing's photos, the MLS copies those photos over to other sites like Zillow and Realtor. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a cost. We all know the MLS compresses the photos you post, thereby diminishing the quality. The syndication process takes this a step further, resulting in further diminished quality once the photos hit Zillow, Realtor, etc. Whatever we think about these syndication sites, buyers are using them to scope out properties, so it's in our best interest to have the highest quality photos available. Especially if you've paid me to shoot them!

Fortunately, you can change the photos on Zillow and Realtor (and other sites) yourself. Zillow, in fact, allows you to upload photos up to 25MB in size...that's HUGE! ...which equates to high quality. In either case, by uploading your files, and not the copies of copies of copies that are syndicated by your MLS service, you can be assured your photos will be displayed with the highest quality on the popular real estate search engine sites. On each site, realtors have the ability to manage their listings. Below are some links to manage your photos (and listings) on Zillow and Realtor:

Zillow Photo Management Links

Zillow: How to claim your listing

Zillow: Add or Remove photos

Zillow: Photo uploading tips

Realtor.com Photo Management Links

Realtor.com: How to sign up as an agent

Realtor.com: How to sign in as an agent

Realtor.com: How to add photos

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